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Why I Love What We Do

I am relatively new to the real estate world; I married into this business to be more precise. And I have joined what I believe is one of the coolest niche industries. I get to assist in the project management of million dollar assets, create and drive the interior...

The 1031 Trap

Have you ever wondered if you could become a victim of your own success? Could you imagine a scenario in which you suffer a catastrophic loss, not as a result of someone committing fraud against you, but rather from your own decisions over a long period of time that...

The Market Update

Another year ends and a new year begins. The Seattle area housing market reached new heights, again, and the region has now led the nation in home price increases for 14 months in a row, tied for the longest streak for any metro area in the country since 2001,...

Apples to Oranges

Have you ever been presented an investment opportunity and had no idea how to determine whether the deal was good or not?  When we are presented investments, we are forced to examine options that have many different metrics, and these different numbers and measures make...

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