I am relatively new to the real estate world; I married into this business to be more precise. And I have joined what I believe is one of the coolest niche industries. I get to assist in the project management of million dollar assets, create and drive the interior design direction of our company, head up our intern program for marketing and business development, and serve our investment clients to help make people hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a woman, I never imagined myself a fund manager; I absolutely love it. In a recent meeting with a successful local wealth manager, also a woman, she asked me simply “tell me the value proposition of your company?”. Passionately I relayed just a few of what I have discovered are the main benefits of investing into real estate through an Organized Investment Fund.


– Christina M. Robbins

Invest into the Hottest Markets

Real estate in the NW is Expensive. Many people would like to add real estate to their portfolios but simply do not have the wherewithal to invest into such a pricey market on their own. Hillstone offers our clients the chance to benefit from the lucrative market we are in, while investing at their level by joining our fund. For the amount of money you have allocated for real estate, you can benefit financially by taking part in the hottest markets locally and also around the country.

Gain Access to the Best Deals

The financial strength of the fund and the many relationships we have with brokers who often bring us off market deals, mean that we are able to offer our clients access to the best projects. Small time flippers are all competing for the same easy deals to do themselves, resulting in bidding wars and overpaying. There is simply less competition for the larger deals. When you are part of our fund, you have a share in deals typically reserved for wealthy and experienced investors.

Leverage the Fund Manager’s Expertise

The right fund manager has the experience of Real Estate brokers, Contractors, Escrow and Title reps, Hard Money Lenders, Mortgage bankers, and (should) have hundreds of profitable deals under their belt. They know where to look, who to hire, how to creatively generate the most profit from a deal, and more importantly, when to say “no” and pass on a bad deal based on experience. Within our fund you can rest assured that your money is put to work on the best projects by the best person for the job.

Make Excellent and Stable Returns

When you are part of a fund, you are diversified into every lucrative project the fund holds or develops. At Hillstone, we always offer the lions share of profit to our investors; we can do this because we aren’t a huge national firm with a ton of overhead. We target a stable 13-17% return plus offering Special Project opportunities.

All of the profit is generated by us as fund managers; our job is to make sure the projects are running smoothly to create these returns. We know it can be done, however, these are pretty hard numbers to beat doing one small projects at a time on your own.

Enjoy Passive Investing 

Real estate investing is hard work. (A full time job) Most people don’t have the time it takes to flip homes or manage rentals, while working their own full time job and spending time with family. Many of our investors tell us they used to invest into real estate actively and do all the work themselves but now they would rather let us do it for them. One of the best things about investing into a fund is time freedom!

Invest with us!

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