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Hillstone Capital is a private investment firm with a primary focus on real estate.

We invest capital to improve the lives of our investors, our team members and their families. We create value and leave our developed neighborhoods improved and positively impacted everywhere we go.

Hillstone is guided by common sense, discipline, and the insight that our success is driven by our culture and our partnerships. Hillstone Capital practices the art of the long view. The Hillstone team performs comprehensive risk/return analysis on each potential transaction, only moving forward into assets and businesses with conclusive return potential.

Hillstone Capital Leadership Team, Principal Blake Robbins and Creative Director Christina Robbins

Leadership Team

Portrait of Blake Robbins, Principal of Hillstone Capital

Blake E. Robbins


Blake Robbins has been in the real estate development and hedge fund world for over a decade. From his early years, Robbins has founded, purchased, and operated a myriad of companies ranging from construction companies, to Mortgage Banks, Franchise Business and Development, Financial Services, and Real Estate Brokerages.

After building his previous real estate hedge fund to a level of earning accolades such as ‘Most Valuable Company’ in Silicon Valley’s Angel Capital Expo, Robbins made the decision to move on and sell his interests in the company he founded to pursue a new firm with a renewed vision, and no limits.

My investors track record is my future, and I will always move in the direction that ensures our best days are ahead.”

-Blake E. Robbins

Portrait of Christina Robbins, Creative Director of Hillstone Capital

Christina M. Robbins

Creative Director

Christina Robbins’ career has revolved around promotion, management, and leadership- bringing the pieces together to create success. From the beginning of her career she has fulfilled rolls such as brand ambassador, operations manager, and was a key facilitator leading a team to launch a large restaurant chain in an out-of state, uncharted market.

With real estate and design always being a passion of hers, Christina began interior design servicing for clients who craved her expertise and and unique design sense. At Hillstone Capital she naturally took the lead role on project management and design, along with marketing and communications.

Details matter, when one of our unique projects comes together I truly enjoy the feeling that we have created something amazing from nothing.”

-Christina M. Robbins

Portrait of Cliff Sullivan, Regional Manager at Hillstone Capital

Cliff B. Sullivan

Regional Manager

Cliff Sullivan began his career in the financial service industry in 1999.  Working as an Investment Representative for Edward Jones he gained experience that included stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, mortgages, IRA’s, SEP and Simple IRA’s. Cliff’s focus and passion were on providing clients with above average returns while reducing risk to clients overall portfolios.

That passion for investing led him to develop his own real estate portfolio to over $12,000,000 of holdings within four years.

There is a fine line between working your dream job and enjoying your dream life. Working here has allowed me to contribute in a meaningful way to our investors, our community, and our team that has become family.”

-Cliff B. Sullivan


Man eating food provided by Hungry for Change in Pioneer Square Seattle
Blake and Christina Robbins cooking food for Hungry for Change in Pioneer Square Seattle
Community lined up for food at Hungry for Change in Pioneer Square Seattle

Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change is a group of people who love to give. We are a people who are seeing and being the positive change in our world.

Join us every last Saturday of the month as we cook hundreds of hotdogs for the homeless and those in need. There is no need to bring anything, except your appetite! There is no agenda, just a lot of fun with like minded people.

Ask about Alexanders gourmet burgers for those helping, or Blake’s signature Hawaiian chicken teriyaki burgers!

To learn more, visit:

We’ll see you there!

I am happy to recommend Blake Robbins. He is a person of integrity and ideas. Most of all, he sees the best in people and brings it out them. In a field filled with cynicism, Blake brings a positive outlook. When he says, “Your best days are ahead,” he means it and he works hard to make it happen.”

Ray Davis
The Affirmation Spot

Blake is a high energy ‘get-it-done’ kind of guy that is passionate about his work, family and community. He is constantly seeking to deliver value in work by analyzing new opportunities and paying attention to details in his current projects. At his core, Blake has a deep desire to help others become successful.”

Bryce James
Smart Portfolios, LLC.

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