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We are recognized as the most trusted and valuable resource in real estate fund management; we are the preferred choice in your portfolio’s real estate allocation.

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High Yield Opportunities

Real estate has intrinsic value through its use as a primary residence or rental property. We seek to acquire high quality investments at discounts to market value and replacement costs.

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Value Addition

We improve our assets through hands on management and targeted value add initiatives. Our efforts result in solid returns for investors and strong economic assets for communities in transition.

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Capital Preservation

Your investment follows a secure path to success. The Hillstone Team performs comprehensive risk/return analysis on each potential transaction, only moving forward in assets that show conclusive return potential.

Real Estate Preferred Equity Projects

Preferred Equity™ Projects are unique opportunities reserved for capital partners invested in Hillstone Pinnacle™ real estate funds.

Northwest’s Highest Yield Investments

Seola Park Modern

Seola Park Modern

North Enatai Spanish Modern

North Enatai Spanish Modern

West Magnolia Tudor

West Magnolia Tudor

Hillstone Offerings


*Target Yield: 17–19% Projected

The Pinnacle™ Fund is a value-add development fund with an emphasis on residential real estate. Utilizing strategies such as debt lending, rehabilitation, and full scale development, Pinnacle™ is opportunistic in its deployment strategies.

Velocity Advance

Velocity Advance™ is a powerful way to capitalize on your investment and receive monthly, or quarterly income, and can be used as a budgeting tool for your discretionary accounts.

Short-Term Income Bonds

Hillstone Short-Term Income Bonds can offer a strong yield advantage comparative to standard savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CD’s), and money market funds (typically ranging from 0.5 – 3% depending on their underlying investments*)— a difference that can add up over time.

"Hillstone Capital can take your portfolio to the next level. The depth of their knowledge, coupled with their ties to funding sources, combine to form the foundation and the elevation to lift your investments upward.

Justin Bolen
Director of Business Development

"Hillstone Capital, with national credibility and a reputation for strategic investments, has changed the game again by bringing opportunities to the average investor. Successful investing begins with a company that you can count on as thorough, knowledgeable, and willing to put forth the work required so you can trust the process, and enjoy the returns you deserve."

Wally Ybarra

"Blake Robbins, founder of Hillstone Capital, has always worked to make Hillstone stand out among the most innovative investment firms.”

425 Business Magazine

"Blake Robbins, founder of Hillstone Capital, has always worked to make Hillstone stand out among the most innovative investment firms.”

425 Business Magazine

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Super excited about our upcoming listing! Sneak Peek! 😇😎

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Equity is open for another Hillstone project for those of you who are ready!


*Investors are required to warrant that they are Accredited Investors as outlined in the Securities Act of 1933.

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